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// This is my first solo game. 

I built and painted everything in 7 weeks toward the end of 2019 while I learnt how to code in C# and develop games in Unity2D. As such, the file is very big and there are quite a few bugs that at the time I wasn't capable of correcting, so apologies in advance!! I will likely continue this project in the future and hopefully put together something a little more refined. Until then, here's a prologue of sorts to introduce you to this little world of mine:

-- Prologue --

Set against the backdrop of an ancient war, the soul of a nameless knight seeks to restore the broken cycle of life and death.

No one remembers why, but upon its destruction, the world burnt on its anvil and set light to the Dawn of Ember, releasing the Abyss. As darkness spread, it brought with it both a semblance of death, and an aggressive corruption that twisted the souls it encountered beyond repair. Those strong enough to resist either became monsters or fled the curse by stealing stronger husks. Whereas they that perished were reduced to ash, the last flickering flames of their souls tormenting into whimsical Emberlights.

Now the world is wrought with painful violence. Its sun shattered and its lands smouldered. The key to ending the otherwise eternal age of Ember lies in purging the Great Kingdoms of their curses, driving back the darkness and sealing the Abyss. However, to do so, our hero must consume all ten of the Atheling Souls imbued by the Abyss with Darkling Emberlights...

Without losing themselves to the curse...


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I enjoyed exploiting the attack button :D

Thanks for giving it a go! - loved the commentary btw

That's so difficult

Hey, it is but I'm glad you got through it all!!

That was a solid play-through!

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it :D hopefully it's useful to you :)

-The main concept is pretty interesting.

-The visual style is very good and I really like it :)

-The gameplay mechanics are interesting, but the fighting mechanics need to be improved as they feel very unpolished.

-Sometimes the enemies get bugged/glitched and can be pushed without hurting them.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey, thanks so much for the feedback!! 

I'm glad that you liked the game enough to not only finish it, but also make a video about it. In hindsight I definitely overcomplicated the state machines and didn't optimise the code behaviours well enough so there's room for a lot of improvement there (and I agree - the fighting mechanics should be overhauled and redone better). 

Also watching your video has brought to my attention quite a few other bugs so thanks again! ~

You are welcome :D good luck developing :)


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!